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QRP Antenna Tuner ATU Manual Kit with SWR

QRP Antenna Tuner 1-30Mhz up to 20 watts (like the eBay one called "Days") for Amateur and Ham Radio with SWR Indicator
QRP Manual Antenna Tuner ATU Kit with SWR Indicator

Very lightweight and useful for field work, does not require external power. Very low losses.

Key Features of this manual antenna turner:
Tuning when exposed to direct transfer power: <20W
Tuning input power: <3W (works with 250mW beacons)
Tuning indication: LED display
Interface: PL259 type
Operating frequency: 1-30MHz
Antenna Interface: PL259 type
Matching antenna impedance range: about: 30 ~ 300Ω
Continuous RF power: up to 15W
Tuning required RF power: less than 3W

Package Included:

A waterproof sealed box
Stickers (used to determine the position of the drilling hole) 1
PL259 Block 2
Ordinary wire piece
Varicon capacitor 2
2 small knobs
0.25 countersunk head screws (for fixed variable capacitor) 4
The 0.25 head screws 2
0.3 gasket 4
0.3 nut 2
DPDT switch
Large knob
T106-2 the toroid (red) 1
0.5 enameled wire, Section 1,
A circuit board (standing wave indicator)
Red light emitting diode 1
51 ohm 2W resistor 3
FT37-43 toroid (Black) 1
1K resistor (light-emitting diode current limit)
1N60 1
0.1u capacitor 1
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  • Model: QRPATU
  • Manufacturer: Generic

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